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Finding Fulfillment In Life

What would a fulfilling life look like to you? Most of us struggle with this question around fulfillment. And it could have to do with that we don’t have a shared understanding of what fulfillment is and how one goes about being fulfilled. We often start with our...

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Overcoming Doubt

The other day I had a conversation with a good friend who coaches entrepreneurs starting up their businesses. She notices that in the early stages entrepreneurs are very good at doing the "fun stuff". Deciding on a cool name. Incorporating their business. Designing a...

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Navigation Change

Change is emotional. Change stirs all sorts of emotions. Fear. Anxiety. Excitement. Resentment. Optimism. Doubt. Confidence. And when change occurs within large organizations, business leaders and managers must deal with competing emotions from their people, partners,...

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Why We Want You To Go Deep

At WAY our purpose is to inspire people and organizations to go deep about a life lived on purpose.  What do we mean by that? And why is it necessary to go deep? We believe that everyone has a purpose, in fact you were born with one.  We also believe every...

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Life On Purpose

I’ve learned that our words are immensely powerful in conjuring up our perceptions of our world. Often we say things with little awareness of what it is we’re actually saying or the consequences these words may have on us or others. For instance, we all...

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Your Biases Are Hijacking Your Ability To Lead Change

There are many reasons why organizational change fails more than it succeeds but chances are you can trace each reason to your biases that shape and influence the choices you make along the way.  And it’s not just your biases at play, it’s also the biases...

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What Shapes Your Culture?

I have come to believe that your community is at the core of what shapes your culture.  So then how do we cultivate community? What is community? Community is a feeling of fellowship with others as a result of sharing common values, beliefs and purpose....

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Why Do You Exist?

My beliefs about purpose have broadened and deepened considerably in the past year.  As a result of much research, pondering and coaching on the topic I’m eager to share what I have learned and observed.  I’ve spent far too much time playing it safe when...

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Designing Your Vision

As human beings we have the unique capacity to imagine infinite possibilities of what could become our future. In many ancient cultures it was required of men to have these visions at various stages of their lives. Men would take part in rites of passage...

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Prospection, Savouring, & Gratitude

One of the greatest gifts my personal coach (YES! I have a terrific coach) taught me are three words: Prospection, Savouring and Gratitude. Born out of the school of positive psychology, these powerful words combined creates a simple yet powerful set of...

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Make No Mistake You Are Fooling Yourself

THE PROBLEM Human irrationality is a fact of life for all of us. Travis Bradberry, author of Emotional Intelligence 2.0 shares 13 cognitive biases we all need to become aware of in an effort to think and react more objectively. As a change agent and life...

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Knowing What You Believe And Your Cause Matters

Knowing what your company believes and why it exists is critical to the success and sustainability of your business. Simon Sinek’s infamous Ted Talk “People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it”, inspired millions of us to think more deeply about...

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