Living On Purpose

When you’re not looking, life has its way of carrying you along. Then there may come a time you ask yourself, “Is this what I had in mind for my life?” Whether you’re in the beginning, middle or towards your later years in life, it’s always the right time to live a purpose-driven life with clear intention, right action and deep connection.

“Living on purpose is a life-sized occupation.”  – Charles Sue-Wah-Sing

Welcome to the WAY Purpose Workshop!

We are going to guide you through the design of your life’s purpose, and discover how you can bring it to life within your self, in your relationships, in your work and your communities. Who is this workshop for? This workshop is intended for anyone on the journey towards a life that is deeply fulfilling and meaningful.

• You want to discover you’re true self and deepest desires • You desire a career that is meaningful and fulfilling • You want to get past you limiting beliefs and old stories • You want to live a life that is aligned to your true self • You desire deeper connections with the people in your community

What you will discover in our workshop

• A clarity on what your life could mean. • A sense of direction on where you can be of service. • A deeper connection with your self and all that you can offer. • What’s possible in every aspect of your life.

Our 3 Day Agenda

This is a 3 day intensive journey to discover the life you desire. Learn – What is a life driven by purpose? Discover – Who you are and what you can offer the world. Design – How you plan to live with greater intention in all areas of your life. What you should expect:

• Pre-work with personal video guidance. • Small group with one on one coaching throughout the workshop • Personalized action plans • Follow up with a one-on-one coaching session

“We cannot become who we want, by remaining who we are.” – Max De Pree