The Manifesto Project

The Journey of Self-Discovery

  • Are you feeling fulfilled in your work or business?
  • Are you yearning to create something of your passions but have no idea how or where to start?
  • Are you hungry for deeper connections with your life partner, family or friends?
  • Are you longing to contribute something meaningful in your communities?
  • Do you think about your legacy and how you wish to leave this world?
  • Do you feel you merely exist day-to-day? And you don’t know who you truly are?

For most of us, we’ve spent so much of our lives living by what we should do. You’ve gotten your education. Maybe a good job or started a business. For some, you’re in a relationship or have started a family. And then you come to a time and think to your Self, “what have I done?” and “Is this truly who I am?”


So are you ready to change all of that?

  • You’re ready to live a life aligned with your inner values!
  • You’re ready to gift the world with your natural talents and skills!
  • You’re ready to embrace your deepest passions and desires and turn them into limitless possibilities!
  • You’re ready to commit to your work or business with a new sense of purpose and drive!
  • You’re ready for deeper connections with your family and friends!
  • You’re ready to live your life as if it means something!

How exciting is that?

You’re at the first step of the journey in your self-discovery. It is an enormous gift that we can share this moment to delve into what a life on purpose could mean for you. And we praise you for having the curiosity, courage, and fortitude to be here, right now.

A gift for you

Let’s start with a gift. We’ve just completed our purpose workbook – The Manifesto Project. It contains everything you need to discover your purpose and how you want to live your life. In this guide, you’ll delve deep into your history and listen with fresh ears what’s been calling all this time. You’ll become intimate with your values, beliefs and deepest desires. You’ll see what’s been in your way of living purposely and opening a space for limitless possibilities to arrive. And you’ll finish off with a story of your own making that will become the first chapter of the rest of your life!

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Work with a way coach

You’re at the first step of the journey in your self-discovery. It is an enormous gift that we can share this moment to delve into what a life on purpose could mean for you. And we praise you for having the curiosity, courage, and fortitude to be here, right now.

We’ve worked directly with clients, like you, to define their own manifesto. And some have…

  • Renewed their sense of belonging in the current work or business
  • Created new business opportunities or have changed careers
  • They’ve taken on passion projects, started a new hobby or developing new skills
  • Some have taken a new look at old relationships or have made new ones, They’ve started volunteering in their communities

The question becomes: what could a life on purpose have in store for you?


Individual Coaching

This personalized experience allows us to go as deep as you want with the strictest level of confidentiality.

Group Coaching

If you’re new to coaching, group coaching is a cost effective way to begin.

Coaching for Organizations

We’ve had lots of success bringing this program to corporate teams. We can do the same for your business.

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The Manifesto Project

A Journey of Self-Discovery


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