Sarah Hines

Change Agent & Coach

Sarah brings a rich combination of business acumen and personal development coaching to Agents of Way.  With over 25 years of experience leading and consulting large organizations in the development of new market product strategies along sales and marketing planning, she has experienced first hand the disconnect in many organizations.  She found that the biggest hurdle to achieving any goal was internal politics. Not only did employees not understand what the organizations purpose was, they were so busy finding “workarounds” or covering their tracks, that nothing was getting done.

This led her coaching to be focused more on the breakdown of internal politics so that clients could not only achieve their goals but more importantly all be aligned in the same purpose.  To support this style of consulting, Sarah has now expanded her coaching business to include individuals. She has a unique style that is authentic to her. She asks tough questions but is often the calm in the storm.  She brings her passion of finding purpose to each person she speaks with and ensures that they are standing on a strong foundation.

Let me tell you.. finding my purpose has rock my world. I can sincerely say that my thought process has changed tremendously. Sarah has left me with the gift of exploring what legacy I will leave is such a comfort knowing she has my back.

Hadja Cherif

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