When people ask me, “why is it so hard to live a life on purpose?” I reply to them by saying, “cause you never did it before.” You’ve spent most of your life keeping up with the flow your day to day, never truly considering what your life could be a stand for. In my experience there isn’t anything so hard yet so fulfilling that living your life with a deep sense of purpose and intention. However, it does require a commitment from you to practice it – everyday.


Purpose – Major and Minor

When I speak of purpose you can think of it has having a major focus and a minor focus. In one regard, you can envision what we call a higher purpose. Something you want for your life and possibly for the people around you. This may serve as a theme, a manifesto, a compass that guides your life from day to day. This understanding of purpose provides inspiration and hope that one day what you desire the most may come true.

Then there’s purpose in the moment. Some may describe as your intention and attention to the here and now. And this is where the hard work is.

Purpose in the moment requires you to be present with what’s going on. It’s about developing a sense of self-awareness or consciousness so you can see in the moment what is required of you. This requires you to put aside your fears and worries about the future as well as any regrets or disappointments from your past. It requires you to practice a greater responsibility not only of your actions but also the consequences of what you choose to do.

Getting Beyond Your Self

Part of the work to live on purpose is to find a way to get beyond your old stories or limiting beliefs. Our old stories are most often born from some kind of hurt, trauma or conditioned way of being forced upon us. When we’re stuck here our world mostly revolves around our needs and desires. To be on purpose is to learn to use your unique gifts, talents, values and beliefs for the service of others. Once you can cut through your own internal dialogue you can being to see how your life can be filled with possibilities to create meaning in the lives of others.

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 – Namaste


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