Dawna MacLean

Change Agent & Coach

Dawna has over 25 years experience as an executive leader, change agent, coach and facilitator. She’s coached and lead many Fortune 50 organizations through mergers, acquisitions and transformations of all sizes. Dawna has coached hundreds of executive leaders and their teams to identify and embrace their purpose and align all aspects of their organizations to fuel improved awareness and outcomes. She has extensive working knowledge in healthcare, manufacturing, technology, finance, supply chain and experience in numerous other domains.

Dawna finds inspiration and passion coaching organizations and their communities to go deeper in understanding themselves and their higher purpose. She has keen sense for asking deeply provocative questions to get to the source of what might be in your way of being a great servant leader. Her approach is rooted in developing individual and collective emotional intelligence, trust and a deep appreciation for creating shared value.

Her expertise relies heavily on her experience and her insatiable curiosity to learn. She has completed and facilitated numerous recognized developmental programs that have helped shaped her approach and process to meet the unique needs of individuals and organizations.

Dawna MacLean featured at TEDx Westmount 2012

Until I met Dawna I did not know what a change agent was or how much I needed one. She changes how you think about an issue, how you communicate with each other, how you solve problems and how you feel about the entire process.

Jeff Forringer

President of Living Voice

She is always ahead of curve when it comes to ideas and she is the most passionate advocate for doing the right thing, even when the right thing isn’t popular or easy.

Kes Sampanthar

Executive Director of Research, KPMG Innovation Lab

Dawna has that unique combination of skills required to support change management, innovation and execution. She is driven, consistent and always “acts like an owner”.

Peyton Howell

President of Global Sourcing and Manufacturer Relations, Amerisource Bergen

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