At WAY our purpose is to inspire people and organizations to go deep about a life lived on purpose.  What do we mean by that? And why is it necessary to go deep?

We believe that everyone has a purpose, in fact you were born with one.  We also believe every business must have a purpose.  And whether in context of an individual’s purpose or a company’s purpose, it must be rooted in serving.  We coach people and organizations to discover their purpose and then how to live on purpose

This discovery process requires you to go deep.  To go deep into the values, beliefs and stories that shape you and our behaviour.  Whether you are a person or an organization you are designed much like a seascape.  You can see the surface, the land, and sea level water quite clearly.  They are well lit.  Scientists call this the “sunlight” zone of the ocean.  Everything is visible and obvious at this level.  But the deeper levels of the ocean make over 90% if it.  This is the same for people and organizations, what you can see, what is visible, what is lit up on the surface is a very small percentage of who you are and what you are made of.  

The next layer down in the ocean is called the “twilight zone”.  There is a small amount of light but it is quite murky.  And between the “twilight zone” and the ocean base is called the “midnight” zone.  And it makes up most of the ocean.  It is entirely dark, cold and the water pressure is extreme.  Similarly people and organizations have a difficult time seeing what lies below the surface and there is often a reluctance to explore your darkness because of a misguided fear of what you might discover. 

Did you know that we know more about the moon and mars than we do about the deep sea?  Science has been far more consumed with learning about what’s out there than what lies beneath us and what makes up over 90% of our planet, the one we live and rely on.  People and organizations have such a strong tendency to want to focus on external factors. They pay more attention to what others are doing that they tend to know more about others than themselves.  You need to be curious about the depths of yourself, that is where most of the answers to your questions are.  

By no means am I suggesting life is all about you.  Quite the contrary, it has nothing to do with you.  But you do already have all of what you need to live your life on purpose and if you do not know what that is yet, the answer is within you.  Revealing it requires going deep into the parts of you where there is very little light. There is nothing more challenging yet also nothing more rewarding than the journey within.