Charles Sue-Wah-Sing

Change Agent & Coach

Charles comes with over 25 years of experience in building, leading and mentoring teams in a variety of capacities including design, customer experience, strategy and technology. Charles has facilitated workshops for a variety Fortune 500 clients, particularly in the areas of healthcare, finance and media. He’s also done work in the non-profit and technology spaces.

His inspiration is in guiding leaders and their teams towards a work-life grounded in purpose. As a change agent and coach he helps leaders and their organization navigate cultural transformations. He does this by helping organizations embrace their values and beliefs, discovering their higher purpose, develop their emotional intelligence and communication skills, identify and leverage each other’s strengths and consider the consequences of their leadership mindsets.

Charles recently lead the creation of WAY’s first coaching workbook around discovering your purpose called – The Manifesto Project.

Charles has completed programs at: CTI for Life Coaching, Landmark for wellness, self-expression and leadership, and Orphan Wisdom to learn the arts of living deeply and a handmade life.

Speaking Engagements

I’m also available for interviews on your podcast or speaking at your workshop or live events. Download my speaker sheet for more information.

I am on the path to mastering myself, my life has improved exponentially with the mentoring and guidance I have and continue to receive. I am making decisions instead of choices, and actively shaping the life I want to live daily! Charles is like the pressure needed to turn coal into diamonds.



He is always ahead of curve when it comes to ideas and she is the most passionate advocate for doing the right thing, even when the right thing isn’t popular or easy.


Regional Sales Director - North America

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