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Challenges Men Face

This week in our Conscious Living for Men “What it Means To Be A Man” workshop, we’ll continue to build on a foundation of the understanding of manhood by discussing the challenges men face in our dominate culture. By bringing light to some of these...

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Designing An Alliance With Your Team

Most teams struggle with some form of team dysfunction, but that is by no means a rationale for normalizing to it. Fact is that most leaders underestimate the amount of dysfunction on their team and the impact it has on their team’s level of engagement and...

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Managing Pressure On Your Team Doesn’t Guarantee Results

With all of the talk about leadership mindsets needing to be redefined Liane Davey on HBR publishes another piece that seems to emerge from the out-dated command and control style of management – managing pressure to get results. We’ve seen time and time...

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What It Means To Be A Man Workshop

I began my ‘adulthood’ like most of us. I finished school, started my career, got married, bought a home and had children. Up until then all was fairly typical. Not too long after that I was divorced, was diagnosed with Crohn’s, changed jobs numerous...

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The New Leadership Mindset

Though leadership mindsets are changing, most organizations, still operate from a power-control and short-term action mindset. Companies and their leaders use their power to influence markets, policy, competition, vendors, employees and even customers and...

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A Mindset Shift On Listening For Leaders

I came across this article by Melissa Daimler on HBR this morning on listening as an often overlooked leadership skill. Particularly when it comes to office communications and problem solving. While I full heartedly agree with her statements and advice I...

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Learning How To Fish

I love the Chinese proverb “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” This proverb certainly does not hold true in all circumstances but when it comes to driving transformations for organizations,...

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Paradox Of Solving Problems

In our dominate culture we’re consumed with solving problems. So much so we’re always on the hunt for these ‘opportunities’ to put our solving engine to task. In business for instance, we’ve created and applied solutions to perceived problems, that now...

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Self Help Books Distilled Into 7 Simple Lessons

I am riffing off of this wonderful synopsis about a woman who read over 500 self help books and then boiled down everything she learned into 5 simple lessons.  This woman affirms that “The strength given to me by the books I’ve read vastly outweighs any...

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Compassion And Gratitude A Means To Creating Shared Value

If you look within yourself, you can observe how complex, dynamic and fluid our bodies are. When we’re in good health, all of our bodily parts function in a well choreographed dance. Everything flowing perfectly in and out. Our muscles are relaxed. Our...

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Is Passion Sustainable?

For the second time in 2 days I’ve read something about how passion shows up in our lives.  I get that passion is strong and contagious.  But does passion last?  Is it sustainable through the ordinariness of life?  When you’re taking out the garbage or...

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Business Leadership: Where Are Out Superheroes?

LEADERSHIP: WHERE HAVE ALL OF OUR SUPERHEROES GONE? Imagine if we had leaders of business who stood for others and greater good? What would business and the world be like? Did you want to be a superhero when you were young? When I was 8 years old, my idol...

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